A Full Guide on Secrets of Gamification for Business in 2021

Table of contents

A word about the terminology of “gamification”

The main goal

Why gamification works

The core areas of application. Gamification use cases

Discovering hidden and new talents

Gamification as a non-material motivation for employees

Gamification in education

Ecommerce gamification

Healthcare gamification

Advantages of using gamification software

Helps with onboarding

Increases involvement

Visualizes achievements and progress

Encourages to do better

Increases customer retention

Helps to collect customer data

What can go wrong with business gamification


Short-term effect

Wrong objectives and priorities

Gamification software development

How to develop gamification app for business

Game elements used in business applications

How to make gamification techniques work for your business

As a general conclusion



Game-changing apps start here!

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